My ever-increasing obsession with art, imagery & inappropriate humour has led me to create this blog.
It is my sanctuary of visions which for one reason or another bring me happiness and a giggle

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buffalo Ammonia

Atomic Gals

A bee stung my paw.......

Just one Rule. I Rule.

Pussy Cat Twins

I hate to drink alone....

I'm your Type of Kitten

Rude Girls

Sexy Superhero?

She's a Hefty Hideaway Girl

Asian Showgirls

Disco Dancer

A moment Later.......

Count the Black Kitties

Kisses & Whiskey

King & Queen


Sausage Charmer

Vintage Mugshot

Stiff Drink

One Dish of Icecream a Day!

How to Commit Murder.

Fight Time?

Hatsy Catsy

Oodles of Cool Poodles

Sleep over

Lucille Cigar


The Secret of Cooking for Cats

Honky Tonk Girl

Vintage glasses

I'm a Cookie Cuttin' Kitten

Ninja Bread Men

Black Scarlett


What dogs are actually saying.

Stuff and Things