My ever-increasing obsession with art, imagery & inappropriate humour has led me to create this blog.
It is my sanctuary of visions which for one reason or another bring me happiness and a giggle

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robert and Shane ParkeHarrison

Working in an artistic conceit that dates back into the early history of photography, Robert ParkeHarrison poses in his own photographs, not as a subject for self-portraiture, but as an anonymous Everyman figure struggling heroically but futilely with the forces of nature in a drear world. Incorporating aspects of theater, performance art, sculpture, and painting, ParkeHarrison's haunting, disturbing images transcend the familiar world of conventional photographic representation into surreality and resonate with the force of myth.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shinzi Katoh

Shinzi Katoh is a Japanese Zakka artist of worldwide acclaim. He is based in Aichi in the central region of Japan where he has his own gallery, shop and museum. His designs are whimsical, childlike and gorgeous! All of his products are designed to be practical but also to make you smile and feel happy – that is the central theme of Zakka design and art.