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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't tell Mum I work on the Rigs...

A 'take no prisoners' approach to life has seen Paul Carter heading to some of the world's most remote, wild and dangerous places as a contractor in the oil business.
Amazingly, he's survived (so far) to tell these stories from the edge of civilization, and reason.
You can't be soft when you're working as a contractor in the oil business. Paul Carter is many things, but soft he's not.
Taking postings in some of the world's wildest and most remote regions, not to mention some of the roughest, toughest oil rigs around, he's been shot at and hi-jacked, almost died of dysentery in Asia and toothache in Russia, watched a Texan lose his mind in the jungle, lost a bet watching a mouse kill a scorpion, and been served cocktails by an orang-utan on an ocean freighter.
And that's just the start.
Strap yourself in and prepare for a wild, outrageous, at times terrifying, chopper ride through one man's remarkable adventures in the oil trade.

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